International guest lectures in Helsinki

ERA-NET RUS.Plus-project “LIVINGMEMORIES – Living together with difficult memories and diverse identities” ( organizes two guest lectures in collaboration with the research seminar in Folklores Studies:

Dr Nona Shahnazarian (National Academy of Sciences, Armenia): Traumatic Experience and Coping Mechanism: The Case of Conflicting Memories after Late-Soviet Pogroms in Azerbaijan
Thursday 30.11. 14-16, Metsätalo (Unionink. 40) lecture room 8

Nona Shahnazarian is Associate Researcher at The National Academy of Sciences, Yerevan, Armenia and Center for Independent Social Research, St. Petersburg, Russia. She was a foreign visiting fellow at UCLA on Fulbright program (2006-2007), at SRC Hokkaido university, Japan (2011-2012), at Halle-Saale, DAAD, Germany (2012), at Higher School of Social Sciences, EHESS, Paris (2013), at Academic Swiss Caucasus Network, Fribourg university, Switzerland (2015), and at Armenian Research Center, Dearborn-Michigan University, USA (2015). She has conducted extensive fieldwork in Russia, Armenia, Georgia, and Nagorno-Karabagh and has published on the issues of gender, war, migration, memory, and diaspora in the Caucasus and Russia. She published her numerous academic articles and books:
• In the Tight Embrace of Tradition: War and Patriarchy, 2011. St. Petersburg: “Aleteia” (240 Pp.).
• Memory and War: Armenian District through the Lens of Everyday Life. 2013. Kasnodar: Studia PontaCaucasica “Manuscript” (172 pp.).
She runs the regional office of the Women in War Think Tank in Yerevan since 2015. Together with the international colleagues she is currently editing a book volume on intergenerationally transmitted trauma (forthcoming in April 2018).


Dr Lina Klymenko (University of Eastern Finland): The Politics of Framing: How Does the Remembrance of WWII Shape Ukraine’s Relations with the EU and Russia?
Monday 18.12. 14-16, Topelia (Unionink. 38) A205

Lina Klymenko is affiliated with the Karelian Institute at the University of Eastern Finland. She completed her Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of Vienna (Austria) and received the title of docent from the Department of Social Sciences at the University of Eastern Finland. Her research focuses on memory politics, transitional justice, and national identity in post-Soviet countries. Her work has appeared in Journal of Language and Politics; Journal of Educational Media, Memory, and Society; Canadian Slavonic Papers; Compare: A Journal of International and Comparative Education; Austrian Journal for Political Science; National Identities; Soviet and Post-Soviet Review; and Problems of Post-Communism. She held teaching and research fellowships at the University of Tartu (Estonia), the Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbooks Research (Germany), the University of Uppsala (Sweden), and the University of Alberta (Canada).